İllex Argentına
SQUID TUBE IQF Frozen Squid Todarodes Pacificus, Illex or Gigas tubes, skinless, wing off, first ring on, tip on, pure white colour, no discolours, no yellow colours, no nauseous odors. Eu standard chemical treatment(Spanish chemical) .
Product code : ff-22
Category : Products Squıd Tube

Members of the class Cephalopoda are gonochoric. Male and female adults usually die shortly after spawning and brooding, respectively. Mating behavior: Males perform various displays to attract potential females for copulation. During copulation, male grasp the female and inserts the hectocotylus into the female's mantle cavity where fertilization usually occurs. Life cycle:

TubeSize: U5, U7, U10, 10/15, 15/20, 15-18cm 18-22cm, 22-26cm, 26cm

Ring Size: dia 2/5cm, 3/6cm, 4/8cm T&T: 3/5 inch, 5/8 inch

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